It’s never been easy for Pakistan cricket team fans

As the stage round of the cricket world cup 2019 is nearing its end, the points table and the contest for the top 4 is getting exciting with every game. The ample amount of calculations, permutations, win-loss ratio, NRR, points and (this one’s solely for the PCT fans) prayers for miracles have kept the viewers hooked to every single game being played.

It’s not easy being a Pakistan cricket team’s fan. You have to have a heart that is resilient, a mind that defies logic and passion that never dies down. Only then, you will recognise what only this team can pull off. One moment down, next moment up, not for the faint hearted, not for the temporary fans but for mentally and emotionally sturdy people alone.

Pakistan entered the tournament, ranked no.6 on the ODI rankings. Pakistan has stayed at no.6 since world cup 2015. Despite their average record against higher ranked teams in the bilateral series, somehow, mercurial Pakistan delivers the unexpected in the ICC tournaments. From falling to the 9th position on the points table to being a strong competitor for the semi-finals is something only team Pakistan could do.

It won’t be wrong to claim that all the excitement in this world cup has been because of Pakistan. If it were not for them, there would have been clear semi finalists with no drama whatsoever involved. The world is on their toes watching matches, assessing every scenario, making this world cup as interesting as it could get. As much as it has kept the fans involved, the playing teams are equally aware of the situation.

Speaking at the toss in Birmingham on 30th June, Virat Kohli said it’s rare that India is receiving so much support from across the border during a cricket match.

“To be honest I haven’t seen what’s been happening outside. But I am sure the Pakistani fans will be supporting us, which is a rare thing,” Kohli said.

Pakistan broke the winning streak of New Zealand; Pakistan defeated the no.1 ODI side, England at their home, Pakistan gave the most thrilling match of the tournament by winning in the last over against Afghanistan on 29th June. (The stress that the nation went through though). All of this discloses that there is no team as entertaining as ours. We delightfully declare ourselves dheet (obstinate) fans. Never knowing what will they pull next, yet supporting them throughout.

Pakistan’s hopes to qualify for the semis are still hanging by a thread and are dependent upon a lot of scenarios. It’s never a straight walk for Pakistan. And we, the fans have become used to of it. Extending wishes and prayers, for their last game on Friday against Bangladesh.

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