We are sorry, Sarfaraz

Pakistan has had so far a calamitous run in the ICC cricket world cup 2019. We all are heart broken and intensely dejected at the display. Almost all of us have been critically targeting them over their performance, but none of us have the right to abuse our players, our national heroes. Read again, NONE OF US!

This rant comes after a very disturbing video (The link to which we will not post, because we can condemn the act without sharing the upsetting content) started making rounds on social media, where a dumb wit thought he’s so entitled that he can intervene Sarfaraz’s personal time out with his family at a mall in UK and moreover hurl out-and-out abuses to him. Sarfaraz initially is seen convivial to the fan (not at all the correct word for him) but later trying to walk away when this person demeans him in the foulest possible modus. He made an absolute appalling comment about his weight (comparing him to an animal). He can be seen absolutely humiliated while he tries to walk away quickly holding his child in his arms. All that, while NOT saying a single word to that not so sorry being! The person kept making the video, holding his head up high, as if he’s achieved something so remarkable.

To everyone, who has seen the video, we hope you would share the same sentiment as we do and if you don’t, the next statement is for you.


That guy thought he would become a hero by doing so and would be lauded for pulling off something so disgraceful. So read on, what you did pushed us to address the much-needed subject. You are famous (or are you?) because this entire piece is for you and everyone who shares your mindset. You actually made a fool out of yourself. You disgraced nation’s pride, you breached personal space, you filmed him without consent, you abused him verbally, and you harassed him. See how many offences you committed? Legally, You could most probably be convicted for committing all these crimes. Morally, oh wait; we can’t be the moral police with a soul like you who literally has no shame. You wanted to shame Sarfaraz, guess what, Congratulations; you earned your few seconds of notoriety at the cost of a disgraceful act, which will be your claim to fame forever. We don’t even want to bring your upbringing to this discussion because we discern no parent would teach his or her kid to be like you. Whatever you did was your own doing, your own dirty soul reflects in this obscene act.

We demand a public apology from the perpetrator of the current development. Your apology should be as loud as your misconduct was.

Our earnest call to all the fans and general public alike; please refrain from breaching the conduct when it comes to criticizing your national players. You have all the right to judge them on their game but we beg you, please don’t abuse them. They do not deserve it. It’s a game, let it be a game and let it not become a war. We are a resilient nation that is known for the hospitality. Since when did we start mongering hatred?

To Sarfaraz;

We extend our sincere and heartfelt apologies to you on behalf of every cricket fan. We are sorry that we fail to support our heroes when they need it the most. We are sorry that we stoop down to personal hits when it comes to humiliation. We are sorry that you are representing Pakistan cricket team when it is not doing well and therefore are being subjected to hurtful acts. We are sorry!

Cricket is not just a game for us it’s our passion. Let our passion not turn us into monsters where we fail ourselves as humans.

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